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Do You Experience the 5 Most Common Frustrations
of Business Leaders?

1. Lack of accountability
2. Profit – not making what I thought I would
3. Feeling out of control
4. We’re stuck and we don’t know why
5. Keep trying new things but they don’t work

If So, It's Time for the Entrepreneurial Operating System®!

Meet Your EOS® Implementers!

Wayne Kurzen

Wayne A. Kurzen

The Kurzen Group, LLC


Email: Wayne@KurzenGroup.com

Phone: 678-362-7734


  • "Wayne Kurzen presented to our Entrepreneur Organization (EO) forum this past week and it was amazingly enlightening.  Our Forum is a group of highly successful business owners, from multiple industries, and a variety of sizes and everyone received incredible value from the presentation.

    He did a great job explaining business processes and simple systems that any business can use to bring focus, alignment and execution to their company. I would highly recommend Wayne to any company or group that wants to improve their business and live the life that they have always dreamed of."

    Shawn Brown Forum Moderator Aspire Higher, President & COO, Snap Tech IT
  • "Our company just rolled out the EOS model that Wayne and Lynda represent with our full management team and has been one of the most game-changing initiatives we've ever done - it has been the glue and framework we've been looking for to get all aligned. Definitely recommend checking out their 90-minute complimentary initial consultation option to learn more about EOS. And they recently did an outstanding 40-minute workshop exercise for our Forum on "Employee Engagement" that had a ton of takeaway value. You can reach out to Lynda and Wayne here.

    Let's support our SAP's!"

    Brad Stevens Founder & CEO of Virtual Assistants and current president of Entrepreneurs' Organization
  • Austin Cohen Founder, Corrective Chiropractic